Sunday, October 3, 2010

Unique Challenges

As any parent with more than two children knows, traveling with a large family presents unique challenges.  Most hotel rooms are designed with four or five people in mind.  The cost of eating in restaurants adds up quickly when you are feeding many people.  Seating configurations in airplanes often are not conducive to adults sitting near their children if there are more than two or three children.

The logistics of planning and packing for a large number of people can be a challenge as well.  This blog will attempt to offer suggestions that will help in the planning of family vacations for those traveling with more than two children and help to make those vacations less stressful, more relaxing, and an opportunity to create lasting memories together.

As our family grew from two to seven children in a short period of time, we still desired to be able to travel as a family.  At first, it seemed impossible, but as we were not willing to give up on the dream of continuing to enjoy family vacations, we set out to discover doable and affordable vacations that we could all benefit from.

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